Do I need to Book in Advance?

Booking ahead is recommended but it’s not always necessary.
Feel free to just show up, but if the bays are all in use, you may not get your bike in right away.
If you want to book a lift for a specific date, or check parts availability, shoot us an email at [email protected] 

what do I need to bring?

Bring your bike, your ownership, and ID. 
We have all the tools, and a large inventory of parts including oils, filters, spark plugs, fork seals, and more.  We suggest a quick call or email to verify we have your parts in stock, and will have an online booking tool shortly. 

Can I buy oil and parts?

Yes!  Since we have now partnered with Motomike Canada Inc., we can provide a full range of parts and accessories on-site, as well as Motomike’s inventory of NOS, OEM, and Used parts.  If we don’t have it in stock, most parts are available in 1-2 days from our suppliers. 
We offer competitive pricing on oils, and tires, as well as parts discounts for members on all other hard-parts.

What if you don't have the tool i need?

We strive to have a wide variety of tools to fit everyone’s needs, but if you are doing a specific job and want to inquire if we have a specific tool, reach out and let us know what it is. If we don’t have it, we will look into adding it to our Special Tools inventory!

What if the work i need ends up taking longer than one night or session?

We have nightly storage options available so that you aren’t stuck.  Check out our membership options if you have a longer term project, as some of these charges may be included in your monthly fee. 

Can I switch Between Membership Levels?

Of course! You will need to give us seven days notice before switching to a different membership. We cannot give refunds for partial months used.

Do you offer winter storage?

Yes! We have a few options available for winter storage, but spots are limited. Pricing details can be found at The Shop page.

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