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Monthly Dues


Shop Rate

or $100/evening

Wrench nights


Parts Discount

5% off MSRP
(when renting space)

About this Membership

Only need us for the occasional oil change, or tire flip? Thats OK, we have a no-commitment option for you. Simply book your time below ($40 for your first hour secures your spot) and start wrenchin’!

Store your bike with us and have the ability to do some minor maintenance in the off-season.  Workshop rate of $40/hr applies when working on your bike, Full Members get priority to lifts if there is a conflict in the schedule. 

Parts discounted at 5% off MSRP when purchased for installation in-shop.
Sign up for our wrench nights to learn a new skill (fees apply to non-monthly members)

  • No monthly dues
  • Hourly Shop Rate $40
  • OR Daily Shop Rate $100
  • Vapour Honing $40/hr (1hr minimum)
  • Nightly Bike Storage $10
  • Tire Change $25
  • Tire Disposal $5
  • Fluid Disposal From $3
  • Trailer Service $40
  • Air hose & Wash Access While Wrenching
  • Parts Discount 5%
  • Parts Storage $10/mo
  • Winter Storage $350

or choose:


Hang and sustain

The Commuter

Frequent User
$100/mo + $20/Hr

The Wrench Monkey

Unlimited Wrenchin’
$300/mo all inclusive

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 (343) 961-1195



21 Jackson Lane
Unit 2 (rear)
Arnprior, ON
K7S 3G8

DIY Hours

Currently we are only available:
Sat: 10am - 4pm