wrench monkey

(Unlimited Wrenchin’)

Monthly Dues

$300 / Month

Shop Rate

All Inclusive

Wrench nights


Parts Discount

10% off MSRP

About this Membership

Long-Term Project? Basket Case?  Our top-tier membership is the perfect way to work at your own pace.  All you can wrench for one price, our best price discount, and other perks on top!
Stay in-the-know, come to wrench nights and other events, and have access to our wash bay and air hose at no cost, one free tow (depending on availability).
Parts discounted at 10% off MSRP 

Store your bike with us and receive a discount from your monthly rate with priority access to work on your bike during the off-season.  6 months of membership for $1500 paid in advance, no additional costs when working on your bike.

Your membership helps the community by helping us add to our tool and equipment offerings, and allowing us to offer more wrench nights and info sessions throughout the season.

  • In-Season Monthly Dues $300
  • Shop Rate $0
  • Vapour Honing $20/hr (no minimum)
  • Nightly Bike Storage Included
  • Tire Change Included
  • Tire Disposal Included
  • Fluid Disposal From Included
  • Trailer Service (1x included)
  • Wrench Nights Included
  • Air hose & Wash Access Anytime
  • Parts Discount 10%
  • Pats Storage Included
  • Winter Storage Included (pre-pay for the season at a discounted rate)

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Hang and sustain

The Joy Rider

No Commitment


$100/MO + $20/HR

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[email protected]

 (343) 961-1195



21 Jackson Lane
Unit 2 (rear)
Arnprior, ON
K7S 3G8

DIY Hours

Currently we are only available:
Sat: 10am - 4pm